Steve Hitchen

Photographer and framer based in the North West of England

Early retirement late in 2009 has allowed me to rekindle a long standing passion for photography. That in turn has led to a better appreciation of the wealth of wildlife that we have in the UK. particularly as regards birdlife. However my photographic interests extend beyond wildlife and amongst others include portraiture, still life, travel re-enactments etc.

More recently I became interested in the idea of being able to not only take and process images but to complete the process by producing finished photographs as mounted and framed prints. I have therefore acquired the necessary equipment and taken over the garage (who puts cars in them anyway). I can now do my own mount cutting and framing 

For printing I use a Canon Pro10s but only with genuine canon inks and I tend to favour permajet paper. Additional however I do utilise the services of professional colour laboratories where I need either larger quantities of prints (for cards etc) or where I  want canvas prints, printing on aluminium etc

I hope you enjoy looking at my photographs. 

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